What can ThinkCaller.com Do?
ThinkCaller.com can call 10,00,000 people in a day and play a pre-recorded message.The message could be same or different for each person

Where is ThinkCaller.com Being Used?
ThinkCaller.com is being used to reach out to its target audience by Political Parties for votes, Banks for loan reminders, Airlines for flight updates, Retail Product Companies for payment reminder, Schools for Emergency Announcements etc. Check the Services page

How can I call people using ThinkCaller.com?
First you need to Register Online for free and create your account. Before you make calls you will have to purchase Credits for calling.
After that it is a simple 3 step process;
1. Call (011) 4663-8800, dial your pin when asked and record your voice. The Sound File will show in the Create Call Tab on the Schedule Call Page.
2. Upload the list of numbers to be called.
3. Select a Schedule when the calls should be made.
The money will be deducted from your account and calls will be made. Money will be reimbursed for the calls which do not connect.

I have problems recording the Sound on (011) 46638800
Please follow the steps carefully to avoid any issues:
1. Dial (011) 46638800
2. You will be asked for your PIN
3. Enter your PIN
4. The system will confirm the PIN that it has recorded. It it is incorrect, hangup and try again.
5. The system will play a BEEP, the recording will start immediately after that.
6. The recording will stop on detection of Silence.
7. The system will play a beep and play the message has been recorded.
8. If you are not satisfied PRESS 2 and record again after the beep.
9. If you are satisfied, HOLD the line till you hear "Thank You For Calling"
10. The File will appear in the Create a Call Tab on the Schedule Calls Page.

What am I billed for?
ThinkCaller.com will bill you for only the calls which will connect. In other words, the calls which will not be picked will not be billed.
Before the start of the calling, money for all the calls is deducted. Once the calling is complete, money is refunded in the account for the calls which did not connect / not picked up.

How will I know which calls were picked?
ThinkCaller.com allows you to download a CSV File containing the call details in the following format:
1. Number
2. Name
3. Address
4. Date of Call
5. Time of Call
6. Duration of Call

Can I choose when to call and when not to call?
Currently, ThinkCaller.com allows you to choose two time slots in which calls will be made. For example, you can call the people from 10-12 am and 6-8 pm every day.

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